Beginners Kitesurfing Course Cape Town

Beginners Course

Beginners kitesurfing lessons in Cape Town. We'll teach you everything you need to
6 hours (Private), 9 hours (Semi-Private)
One day kitesurfing| Cape Town

One Day Kitesurfing Session

You've never tried kitesurfing before? Think it looks fun but not sure if
2 hours (Private), 3 hours (Semi-Private)
Wave Riding Lesson Cape Town | Graykite Kitesurfing School

Wave Riding

Graykite's wave riding course is for independent kitesurfers who are ready to master
per person
Advanced Kitesurfing Cape Town

Advanced Kitesurfing

Advanced kitesurfing lessons in Cape Town. Perfect your tricks, flicks, jumps, old school,
per person
Kids Kitesurfing South Africa

Kids Kitesurfing

Our Cape Town kids kitesurfing lessons offer your little ones maximum fun, safety
2 hours (Private), 3 hours (Semi-Private)
Unlimited Kitesurfing | Graykite Cape Town Hero Package

Cape Town Hero | Unlimited Kitesurfing

Our Cape Town Hero Unlimited kitesurfing course lets you enjoy unlimited time and
per person
Unlimited hours
Surfing L:esson Cape Town

Surfing Lessons

Learn to surf in Cape Town. Fun lessons mean fast progress! Learn to